With the devastation from the recent ongoing fires in Southern California, we wanted to remind you of the SCEA “Friends  Helping Friends” program available to SCEA members.  Through this program, SCEA can provide financial assistance to members impacted by these fires who experience a qualifying loss.


To qualify for financial assistance from the SCEA Assistance Fund, an employee of must meet the following criteria:

  1. A current dues paying member of the SCEA for 90 consecutive days. Members can apply for assistance immediately providing the incident takes place after enrollment in the Association; however, the Member will not be eligible to receive financial assistance until 90 consecutive days of dues have been paid;
  2. Currently employed and in good standing with the company (not currently on disciplinary suspension or administrative leave), and current on SCEA financial obligations; and
  3. Not have received assistance from the SCEA within the last 24 months.
  • Retirees are not eligible for assistance.  Employees on suspension or administrative LOA are not eligible for assistance.
  • Members on approved LOA are eligible to receive grants for incidents occurring while on leave provided he/she is a member in good standing for at least 90 days prior to the leave and SCEA membership is resumed upon return.
  • Immediate family (parents, children, spouse, and domestic partner*) may make a request on behalf of the Member if he/she is deceased, or if medical conditions or active military service prevent the Member from submitting the application him or herself.    If approved, the family member shall receive tax free assistance under the SCEA Member’s tax exemption.
  • *Spouse and Domestic Partner status are recognized consistent with state mandate and company spouse and domestic partner definitions.

Supporting Documentation

Applications must be accompanied by documentation supporting the details of the incident financial costs incurred by the Member.  Examples of documentation include, but are not limited to, insurance documents such as Explanation of Benefits, police reports, and/or receipts. Receipts from hotels, receipts from stores for clothing and toiletries.


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SCEA Ticket Policy

It is against SCEA policy to resell ANY SCEA tickets of any kind. Any member found to be reselling SCEA tickets (without written consent from SCEA) will be subject to the forfeiting of the tickets, immediate ejection from the association and all benefits associated with SCEA as well as possible disciplinary action. If you find you have event tickets you are unable to use, please contact a staff member. We will make every effort to help you sell the tickets to an SCEA member who may be in need of tickets. Ticket may never be sold at a profit.

All orders are shipped through UPS signature required. UPS will make three delivery attempts before leaving a post card to pick up package at a UPS hub. UPS will hold your package for 5 business days. After the 5th days UPS will process the package and return it back to the Fullerton office. If your package is returned you will be charged a second shipping fee to ship package again.


Catch Our Spirit!

 SCEA Office hours are M-F 8:00am to 3:30pm
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More about Vons SCEA

From world-famous beaches to first-class winter ski resorts, big cities to small towns, relaxing getaways to exciting Las Vegas adventures, employees in the Vons Division have a world of enjoyment and entertainment right in our own backyard. And thanks to the many events and other offerings brought to you by SCEA, members have even more to enjoy!

SCEA’s tickets, events and discounts make it easy and affordable to visit one of our local theme parks, plan your next family vacation, buy or rent a vehicle, save on everyday purchases and expenses with our partner discount offers, cheer on our hometown sports teams and so much more!