Catch Our Spirit!

postcards 2013

2013 was another fantastic year for SCEA! Check out our 2013 Annual Report, Postcards from SCEA, to learn more about how our many events, discounts, and financial assistance programs benefited our members over the course of the year. We’re looking forward to another amazing year, and invite you to Catch Our Spirit in 2014!

The Safeway Companies Employee Association (SCEA) is a strong organization whose goal is to foster, maintain and advance the “Spirit” of assistance, fun, fraternity and friendship. It is open to every Safeway employee and dues are nominal. SCEA creates opportunities for members to engage with coworkers and their families outside of work, organizes great offerings and partnerships that promote work-life balance, and helps members assist each other in times of need.

Whether it’s for the social and recreation events, fantastic values, or the Friends Helping Friends assistance fund, SCEA is all about having fun, creating memories and helping friends!


Promotes Friendship & Fun

Delivers Financial Value

Provides a Helping Hand