Friends Helping Friends

Friends Helping Friends

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The Southern California Employee Association is proud to help its members in time of need. The Employee Assistance Fund, also called Friends Helping Friends, helps SCEA members provide short-term financial assistance to fellow members in times of crisis and hardship.

It is a good feeling to know that being a member of the SCEA offers a chance to lend a helping hand and the comfort that fellow SCEA members can provide support in turn.

“When my wife Rose lost her battle with cancer, I thought it was impossible to get through another day without her. Having three children ages 4, 7 and 9 made me realize that I needed to go on and to do what was best for the kids. The donation I received from my fellow SCEA members helped pay the expenses of bringing my mother here to help us. Your help could not have come at a better time. SCEA is a wonderful organization and my family and I will always be grateful for the help we received!”
-SCEA member

How to Apply

Download the Friends Helping Friends application here. Be sure to read and follow the instructions and guidelines detailed on the second page.

You can also download the application from the Quick Links section on any page of this website.