Member Offerings

Member Offerings

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Since 1989, SCEA has coordinated hundreds of social gatherings and recreational outings for its members and their families. From holiday parties to baseball games, family picnics to fishing trips, or the Disneyland private party, SCEA offers a variety of opportunities for employees, coworkers, and their families to share fun and laughter outside of work.

In addition to the local activities and events coordinated by the Division SCEA teams throughout the year, the association strives to offer a variety of offerings and discount programs for our members to have fun and enjoy special activities and find a work-life balance. Discounts to amusement parks, concerts and movies, sporting events, special partnerships on professional products, services and travel are part of the wide-range of activities and programs available to members.

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Additionally, the SCEA is proud to help its members in time of need. The Employee Assistance Fund, or Friends Helping Friends, helps SCEA members to provide short-term financial assistance to fellow members in times of crisis and hardship.

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