NorCal SCEA Dissolution

February 3, 2015

Re: Dissolution of Safeway Companies Employee Association (SCEA) – Northern California Division

Dear SCEA Member:

Division President Tom Schwilke and the Northern California Division leadership join me in celebrating SCEA’s long history of providing Members with opportunities for friendship, fraternity and fun.

However, the difficult decision has been made to dissolve SCEA within the Northern California Division.

Employees who are Members as of February 14, 2015 will retain all membership benefits until they leave employment or the last day of the Northern California SCEA, which is estimated to be by the end of August 2015.

Friends Helping Friends (FHF) employee assistance applications will be accepted for incidents that occurred prior to February 14, 2015 for review and approval. Friends Helping Friends applications must be reviewed and approved by June 15, 2015.

The following actions are underway:

• Automatic payroll deductions will not be collected beginning week-ending February 14, 2015

• Effective February 15, 2015 current employees (and new hires) will not be able to sign-up for SCEA

• Information about activities and events will continue to be sent via weekly mail bag and posted on the website:

Thank you for your support of SCEA over the years.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or LLD Manager Mary Kay Lee if you have any questions.


Jeff Mason
Director – Human Resources
Northern California Division


Oh, Baby!

NorCal SCEA is tickled pink  and  tickled blue to announce its Baby Onesie program. 7-25-2014 1-57-00 PMBABY

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