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SingleredleafAccepting Nominations for the

2014 Holiday Meal Program

Northwest SCEA is proud to help its members in time of need.

YOU can assist an SCEA Members who could use a helping hand with putting a meal on the table this holiday season. 

We encourage you to nominate a deserving SCEA Member or yourself today by completing this nomination application.  Nominations must be received by November 1, 2014.

Learn more:  download the Northwest 2014 Holiday Meal Program SCEA  flyer or check out the  Frequently Asked Questions about the program.


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From the excitement of great ski resorts to the beauty of the Pacific Coast, the thriving performing arts culture in the city to King Salmon fishing off the coast of Alaska, employees in the Northwest Division have a world of adventure and entertainment right in our own backyard. And thanks to the many events and other offerings brought to you by SCEA, members have even more to enjoy!

SCEA’s tickets, events and discounts make it easy and affordable to visit one of our local theaters and other attractions, experience the excitement of adventure travel, buy or rent a vehicle, save on everyday purchases and expenses, cheer on our hometown sports teams and so much more!

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