Travel and Vacation Discounts

Budget Rent-A-Car

Save up to 30% when you rent with the Budget Business Program!

SCEA members can enjoy the benefit of special pricing from Budget Rent-A-Car, thanks to our Budget Corporate Discount(BCD) program. This provides you with unsurpassed value, everyday savings and a great selection of vehicles!

When you call to reserve a car, you can simply use SCEA’s BCD number. This will ensure the best discounted rate Budget can offer on the vehicle you want to rent. You’ll also enjoy unlimited mileage and no extra fees for additional drivers.

Avis Rent-A-Car

Car Rental Discounts from Avis!

As a member of SCEA, you have access to special discounts on Car Rentals from Avis, thanks to the Avis Leisure Pass.

With the Avis Leisure Pass, you can take advantage of free upgrades, free weekend days, and $15 discounts on weekly rentals!

To make use of this benefit, visit Avis’ Website and enter SCEA’s Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) number.

Hertz Rent-A-Car
SCEA Members can save up to 10% off your car rental with Hertz.

Wherever your travel takes you, close to home or around the world, your CPD# is the key to special savings. Be sure to include it in all of your reservations.

SCEA Discount Offers

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